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Not only is substance abuse a scary and dangerous disease, but it never makes the addict a happier or healthier person. Substance abuse is a complicated disease, one that is caused by a blend of genetic, environmental, and psychological influences. Treatment for this disease is equally complex, so it’s very important that skilled specialists use medically-proven, evidence-based methods. Complicating rehabilitation further, many people suffering from addiction who hope for and require assistance don’t understand where to turn. For addicts that wish to stop the suffering, a number of Chicago Rehab Treatment Center offer healthy, proven methods that allow people to take back their life from the deadly grip of substance abuse.


What’s Drug Abuse?

Against scientific and medical proof, lots of people continue to wrongly think that dependency is a personality defect or failing. Today, psychological and medical doctors refer to drug addiction as substance abuse disorder, including drugs and alcohol. Like other long-term sicknesses, such as asthma, diabetes, and hypertension, a person can never be ‘cured’ of addiction, but they may be able to learn to control it so it doesn’t affect their life. Similar to a diabetic who had to be told by a health care provider about how to monitor their insulin level, people affected by substance abuse disorders must also employ the assistance of professionals to get healthy. Skilled, qualified team of workers at various Chicago Addiction Treatment Centers helps people defeat their dependency thoroughly and effectively.


Recovery Team

A team of professionals help addicts through the recovery process, and it isn’t something that can be attempted alone. Drug addiction recovery professionals make up a recovery team that helps addicts manage their way towards sobriety. There are highly trained individuals, generally addicts in recovery themselves, who’re licensed and certified to assist addicts beat drug addiction. Social workers, therapists, medical doctors, nurses, psychologists, and psychiatrists are some of the other professionals generally part of a recovery team. The recovery group is  responsible for various parts of recovery, like assessment, medical care, therapy, education, lifestyle coaching, drug and alcohol testing, relapse prevention training, orientation into self-help and support meetings, treatment of psychological problems and emotional issues, family education and therapy, and aftercare program.


What Varieties of Treatment Are Available?

Treatment that happens in a hospital facility or medical center is thought of as inpatient treatment, and offers an isolated, restrictive setting for detox and rehabilitation. For people who want to withdraw effectively and rapidly from destructive substances, provides detoxification services, but strongly encourages clients to seek rehab or care afterwards. Outpatient treatment can occur in various locations; however people often live at home, commuting to another facility for a couple of hours a day for treatment. In Chicago, Addiction Treatment Rehab Centers provide residential treatment, which is a perfect mixture of inpatient and outpatient care. Clients live in upscale, residential properties, and travel to rehabilitation and daily support meetings. Residential programs encourage integration into ‘real life,’ helping clients re-learn how to be responsible and healthy citizens of society.


Rehabs Can Help

With the help of experts, like those of Chicago Treatment Programs, and encouragement from friends and family, recovery is possible, even when the addict believes that drug addiction is their only choice.  provides programs for all kinds of addiction and helps those that have additional psychological or emotional problems as well. For help locating a rehab center, for any questions regarding addiction in general, or for advice, recovery specialists of different Chicago Rehabilitation Treatment Center are available 24 hours a day. Call as soon as possible!